What to expect from my coaching program

When embarking on your coaching journey with New Life Practice, you can expect, among other things, to learn the following from the program. These are vital tools to add to your emotional tool box, and will help you navigate through life much easier.

Coaching is all about you, and anything you wish to discuss with me, so even though this is the program I follow, each session will revolve around your needs, and how we can come up with solutions to get you motivated, clarify your goals and dreams, help you through a difficult patch, or help you to feel un-stuck.

Coaching is about helping you find the direction you need to create and navigate your own road map to lasting change and success. The initial sessions will revolve around writing and refining your goals, and then we will work on action steps to keep you focused and motivated as we move on in the program.

And of course, all sessions are treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Program Outline

I studied the New Insights Africa PRO Coach program, which consists of 13 modules. One module will be covered per session, but sometimes, if there is a lot to discuss in the session, it could be split over two sessions.


Goal, plan, success
Goal, plan, success


Goals: If you’re not working on your own goals, you are working on someone else’s goals. Let’s get together to write some great goals, and create a road map to achieving them.

Resources and Milestones: Examining your strengths and resources to help you on your way.

Beliefs: Unpacking your belief system to move you closer to success.

Motivation: Removing obstacles, breaking down negative and limiting beliefs and rebuilding the positive.

Values: Evaluating your value structure and adopting new values for ultimate success.

Rules: Uncover your hidden rules, find out what makes you tick, and discover a way to always feel good.

The Six Human Needs: What motivates certain behaviours? Learn how to recognise them and find balance.

Communication & Projection: Setting you free from disappointment.

Responsibility: The foundation for freedom.

Questions: The answer to everything.

Long-Term Goals: Finding out what you really want.

Purpose: Finding your purpose can be the most enlightening and invigorating session and has the potential to catapult you to ultimate success.

Celebration and reflection: Looking back at how far you have come, and motivation for the future.

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