Never Make Resolutions Again

What? It’s a new year? Again! Do you hear yourself saying that? We’ve just had Christmas and celebrated New Year, and now it’s off to overly busy shops to fulfil stationary lists as long as your arm, for those with children… You’re prepping school uniforms, planning lunch boxes, travel arrangements, extra mural activities, blocking out the first and second week of the term in your diary because the date of the dreaded parent evening will be announced, and no doubt, the high school evening will clash with the primary school evening (if you’re in my position, with one child in high school and the other in primary…).

You’re already putting out fires at work, and hopefully not burning any bridges… yet… and somehow there is too much January left in your salary… and month-end is still so far away! And you’re just hoping that the weekend comes soon so that you can catch up on some sleep…!

In the height of the festivities, you decided that this is the year that you will lose 10 kg (again), cut out coffee and wine (again) and join the gym (for the fourth year in a row)!

And that’s where it stayed… Or perhaps you even went as far as to download the gym timetable, or buy that low-carb recipe book (online, because who has time for the shops after buying all that stationary!)


The book was delivered within 24 hours, and you saw that if you get up at 5 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will
be in time for the 6 am yoga or spinning class. Great!

Then reality hit… Tuesday morning you hit the snooze button 9 times, dragged yourself out of bed and made a seriously good cuppa jo, thinking that if you go to gym on Thursday, today can’t be called a false start because it’s in the same week as Tuesday, not so?

That evening after work, you come home, poured yourself a glass of wine, and melted into the couch. Relaxing your feet on top of the low-carb recipe book (lying unopened on the coffee table), all you have the energy to make for dinner, is reservations…

Why then, do we bother with New Year’s Resolutions when we so easily just forget about them?

The answer is simple… because a resolution is not a goal!

Now you’re asking: ‘But aren’t they one and the same thing?’

No, they’re not.

Rather try this: Give yourself a realistic, achievable goal.

Decide on a date (or deadline) by which you want to achieve it.

Then, break it down into manageable steps, take action on those steps and follow them through.

Then you are well on your way to achieving your dreams, because without an action plan, your dreams remain just that… dreams.

There is a special technique to writing your goals, and with life coaching, your coach will show you how to write great goals, and help you plan your road ahead so that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

So take control of your future and work towards achieving your own goals… there’s no better time than now.



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