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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner!

Dirty Dancing is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE movie!! And while I was thinking of my next article, I decided that this line is perfect for the dilemma I’m facing as a life coach.

Since qualifying as a life coach in June 2016, I’ve attended many talks and lectures, read loads of articles and blogs and spoken to quite a few other coaches. As an eternal student, I’m also constantly studying within my field of interest: coaching, humanities & self-improvement.

Through all of this studying, reading and listening, one things has always bothered me… this notion that you have to find your niche… and I have to admit that I have not found anything close to a niche for myself… ever!

I am a generalist… A jack of all trades… Some schools of though might even say I’m a polymath. Until very recently this created quite a quandary for me, because why should I pigeonhole myself?

If you take dancing for instance, and if you’ve seen Dirty Dancing, you’ll know that in order to dance, you need many skills; like balance, rhythm, gracefulness, fitness, good posture, musicality, you need to anticipate what your partner will do next, emotion etc. Exactly like life coaching. It’s a dance… a partnership, and as the coach, I need to anticipate, read, listen, observe, investigate, dig, reflect, remain objective, be ethical and obviously, know my stuff!

As a coach, I bring many things to the party which include all my life experiences as well as my acquired knowledge in humanities. So why should I niche myself?

  • Do you need to re-evaluate your life and work towards some new goals? Yip, I can help!
  • If you require a safe space to vent about balancing your busy home life with your demanding job, I’m the person to speak to.
  • If you are feeling stuck and in a dead-end job, book a session with me.
  • If you’re an overworked and underpaid mother, I know exactly where you’re coming from.
  • Need to lose a few kilos for summer, I can help with that too!!
  • Too stressed to be blessed? Come and see me….

So that’s my speciality. I COACH!

The only area I don’t coach, is relationships. I believe that there are specialists who are far more qualified for relationship counselling, than me.

Need dancing lessons? Sorry, I am not your person, but I can surely help you find a studio 😊

And finally, Isn’t this image just dreamy? I thought I’d add it for all those Dirty Dancing fans out there!

Michele Steyn Life Coach

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